Parking control

Parking control is an official duty and carried out by both the city’s parking inspectors as well as the police. Parking is supervised in areas owned by the city and, if authorized by the property owner, also on private emergency access roads.

Parking control ensures that:

  • parking is only done in parking spaces reserved for this purpose
  • parking times are not exceeded
  • parking spaces are available to those for whom they are intended
  • parking spaces are in the use for which they are intended
  • parking complies with traffic signs
  • parking regulations are followed.

In addition to public areas, parking inspectors can also visit private properties at the request of a representative of the housing company, such as the property manager. On private properties, parking control can also be carried out by a private parking control company.


The parking fine is 50 euros. If the fine is not paid by the due date, an increase of 14 euros is applied. Overdue fines are directly enforceable.

According to the law on parking penalty fees, a parking fine may be imposed for:

  • violation of prohibitions and restrictions on stopping, idling and parking and of the rules and regulations concerning the use of parking discs
  • violation of prohibitions and restrictions on unnecessary idling of a motor vehicle.

Appealing a fine

If you believe that you have received an unjustified parking fine, you can submit a written request to appeal the fine. The appeal is made in HelgaPark and requires the vehicle’s registration number and the case number of the fine.

You can also pick up an appeal form from the Sampola service centre’s customer service point. The appeal form can be returned to the same place.

Submitting an appeal does not postpone the due date of the parking fine, and the fine must be paid by the due date even if the appeal is still being processed. If the appeal is approved, the fine is refunded to the bank account stated in the appeal.