Street and traffic permits

The city grants the necessary permits for working or using a public space and supervises their correct use. All permits related to public spaces are applied for electronically in the service.

Advance consultation and applying for a permit

The service can be used for all questions related to permits for public spaces even before the need for a permit. The helpdesk guides the person or party in need of a permit to apply for the location of the permit on the map and to describe the need for the permit clearly and in detail.

The helpdesk is open free of charge to anyone planning to use a public space. Registering to the service is easy using online banking credentials or a mobile certificate.

A carefully written application containing all the relevant information speeds up the application process. Applicants who use the service electronically receive personal service from the permit authority throughout the application process.

Lupapiste streamlines permit processing and removes the need to follow office hours and submit documents to several different authorities. In the service, you can follow the progress of your applications and projects and view comments and changes made by other parties in real time.