Every year, the City of Kerava has dozens of job opportunities open in different sectors for both established professionals and those starting out their career. In the summer, our team is also joined by summer interns and teens aged 16–17 as part of our Kesätyö kutsuu summer jobs programme. You can find the full list of vacancies at the City of Kerava at (in Finnish).

Our hiring process 

At the City of Kerava, the person recruiting the new team member is responsible for the hiring process. 

  • We want to find the best experts for our team, which is why we announce open positions in several different channels. Vacancies that are put out to external search are always advertised on the and job search sites. We also announce new job opportunities on social media and within professional networks in different sectors.

    If you can’t find a job opening that interests you right now, you can set up a job alert on the Kuntarekry site.

    Vacancies at the City of Kerava (, in Finnish).

  • You can apply for open positions at the City of Kerava through the electronic Kuntarekry system. As a rule, the application period for a position is at least 14 days.

    In the job advertisement, we described the position and what we expect from applicants in terms of education, work experience and skills. Diplomas, references and other certificates related to qualifications or the position are presented at the interview and do not need to be included in the application.

    Persons selected to a permanent post are required to present a certificate of his or her state of health by a doctor or public health nurse before assuming the post.

    A criminal records extract is required for certain jobs that involve working with underage children. Whether or not a criminal records extract is required is always stated in the job advertisement, and the extract must be presented to the supervisor overseeing the process before the final hiring decision.

  • Invites to job interviews are sent out mainly by phone. The job interview can be conducted as a video interview, In Teams or face-to-face.

    We use psychological testing to assist in the recruitment decision, particularly when filling management, supervisory and certain expert positions. Psychological testing for the City of Kerava is always done by a specialised service provider.

  • The name and contact details of the supervisor who can provide additional information as well as contact methods and hours are listed in the job advertisement.

    We communicate about the hiring process and other matters related to the application primarily by email, so please be sure to monitor your email regularly. We will notify all applicants of the end of the hiring process after the recruitment decision has been made at the latest.

Recruitment of family daycare providers

The City of Kerava is looking for new outsourced family daycare providers who work as self-employed service providers in their own homes. Family daycare is a form of early childhood care and education that is provided in the caregiver’s own home. A family daycare provider can take care of a maximum of four children at a time, including the family daycare provider’s own children who are not yet in basic education.  

If you are interested in working as a private family daycare provider and have the prerequisites to start the business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: Contacts (In Finnish).