Savio school

Savio Primary school gives elementary education for pupils between ages 7 and 12. We also have special needs education for pupils between 6 and 16. There are about 440 pupils and 30 teachers in Savio Primary School.

Savio primary school is a versatile school with a strong sense of learning community. It was originally established in 1930, but extensions have been added to the original main building as the school has grown over the years. The school is located in the close proximity of the Savio railway station, in the region of southern Kerava.

Learning and teaching at Savio school are guided by the values of equality, sense of community and learner involvement. Learners study flexibly according to their age and abilities and learning groups are formed mixing class groups and age levels. Cooperativeness and inclusion are among the main goals and working and learning together in genuine and immediate interaction are considered to add value to the whole community. These values are actively put into practice during school days for both learners and personnel through various arrangements such as teacher teams, flexible teaching arrangements, cooperative learning, and the model of shared leadership.

The idea “together we learn for life” is an important guideline that gives direction for the everyday life at the school. The skills of cooperative learning, supporting others, as well as general tolerance are systematically taught to learners. They are also guided in taking responsibility over their own actions and active participation in the school operations. The goal is to make every day in the school community as safe and positive experience as possible for both the young learners and the staff.

Learning at the school happens cooperatively, and versatile learning environments are emphasized in learning arrangements. For example, learners use technical equipment and digital learning platforms on a daily basis and the potential of the school premises is creatively utilized. Furthermore, Savio primary school takes pride in implementing the modern pedagogical models of NPDL (New Pedagogical Deep Learning) and Phenomenon based learning in the everyday school work. These models support the core values of the school and the new national curriculum as they aim to teach versatile skills as well as connections and bigger pictures rather than subject specific details.

“Inspired learners succeed” is a core idea in the school culture of Savio primary school and highlights motivation and the quality of teaching. Contents and skills are often learned by doing and by the principles of progressive inquiry where for example trial and error are supported methods of learning. Indeed, learners at Savio are encouraged to find their own way of learning and to take an active role in their own path of learning.

To learn more about Savio school and educational visits you can contact the principle. Contact details can be found on the Finnish-speaking site.