Svenskbacka school

Svenskbacka skola is a comprehensive school for Swedish-speaking children. The school was founded in 2011. We offer basic education for the grades 1-6, which means we teach children in age from 7-12.

We aim to provide each pupil tools to set up their own goals evaluate themselves during their work in a supportive learning environment.

We give the pupils opportunities to take part in constructing and developing their learning environment. We create a learning environment that should awake curiosity among the pupils. We aim at providing an open, encouraging, calm and positive atmosphere.

Svenskbacka furthermore emphasizes respecting each pupil’s individuality and potential to grow as a unique person. We focus on the development of social and interactive skills. We encourage our pupils to pay attention to other people’s needs and to show a positive attitude toward other people and cultures.

To learn more about Ahjo school and educational visits you can contact the principle. Contact details can be found on the Swedish-speaking site.