Sompio school

Sompion koulu is a a comprehensive school of grades 1-9 with about 740 pupils (aged from 7 to 16 years) and 60 teachers. In addition to basic education, we have three upper grade classes where special needs education is provided. We have also one class in every grade that emphasizes music in teaching and learning.

Making everyday encounters with pupils warm and encouraging and keeping up good team spirit among the whole staff are examples of real caring which is an important value in our school. We put emphasis on good behaviour, we practise teamwork and no form of bullying is acceptable. Listening to pupils and being genuinely interested in their thoughts and opinions are important for us and we seek to encage our pupils to participate in developing our school together.

We emphasize positive pedagogics and support our pupils’ path to discovering their self-knowledge. Every pupil has an online porfolio called ’Porfolio of My Strengths’ where pupils set goals for themselves and collect examples of school work which demonstrate their strengths.

Everyone has strengths and our goal is to teach pupils to trust their strengths and abilities when facing challenges in life.

To learn more about Sompio school and educational visits you can contact the principle. Contact details can be found on the Finnish-speaking site.