Kerava summer flea market

Come sell and buy second hand and enjoy the summer flea market atmosphere! Kesäkirppis is a place where Kerava residents can meet to discover exciting things and find joy in second hand items changing hands.

The City of Kerava organises a summer flea market on Paasikivenaukio in front of the library, at the address Paasikivenkuja. Public flea market nights are organised once a week from June to August. 

Come sell your things at the flea market

No advance reservation or registration is needed at the summer flea market. Free sales tables will be distributed at the site when the flea market opens. The steward allocates and assigns the tables to vendors, after which the market can begin. There are about 30 flea market tables (150 cm x 70 cm) available. At the flea market, you can also sell from your own table or without a table.

More information can be found on the Finnish-speaking site.