Events in the library

You are welcome to participate in the library's events!

You can find the latest information about events in the event calendar and on the library’s Facebook page. Some events are streamed on the library’s Youtube channel, where you can also find recordings of previous events.

Host an event in the library

Tell us about your own idea for an event! When contacting us, include the event name, content, time, performers and contact information. Contact details can be found on the Finnish-speaking site.

Collaborative events held in the library must be public, free of discrimination, multivoiced and free of charge. Political events are possible if representatives of at least three parties are present. Commercial and sales-focused events are not permitted, but small-scale supplementary sales are possible. Supplementary sales include optional programme booklets, book sales and similar.

The event must be agreed at least three weeks before the planned date.

After contacting us, we will discuss together whether your event is suitable as a collaborative event and whether there is a suitable time and space for it.

Before the event, it is also necessary to agree on:

  • furniture arrangements in the event space and stage
  • the need for a sound engineer
  • marketing of the event

The organiser should be at the door of the event space about 30 minutes before the start of the event to receive the audience and answer any questions.

Marketing and communications

As a rule, the organiser of the event is responsible for:

  • designing the poster (PDF and PNG/JPG formats; the library can print A3 and A4 sizes as well as flyers)
  • writing marketing texts
  • creating a Facebook event (add the library as a co-host)
  • creating the event in the city’s event calendar, where anyone can announce public events
  • designing the programme booklet (the library can print booklets)

The library announces events in its own channels whenever possible. The library can print posters of the event to display in the library and announce the event on its social media channels and the library’s electronic screens.

The event organiser is responsible for other communications, such as press releases, event calendars, the distribution of posters and marketing on social media.

Things to keep in mind:

  • In addition to your own organisation, mention Kerava City Library as the event organiser.
  • The correct spellings of the library’s event spaces are Satusiipi, Pentinkulma-sali and Kerava-parvi.
  • Prefer vertical posters as these are shown larger on the library’s electronic info screens than horizontal ones.
  • It’s a good idea to create the event in the city’s event calendar and on Facebook as soon as the relevant information about the event is known. The information can be supplemented later.
  • Posters and info screen announcements are displayed in the library 2–4 weeks before the event

Tell local media about your event

You can send information about your event to the newspaper Keski-Uusimaa at toimitus.keskiuusimaa(a)