For children and young adults

The children and young adults section is located on the first floor of the library. The section has books, magazines, audiobooks, movies, music and console and board games. The section has space and furniture for lounging, playing, reading and studying, for example.

The section has two computers intended for children under the age of 15. Login to the public computer is done using the library card number and PIN code. The computers can be used for one hour a day.

The Satuseinä fairytale wall of the children and young adults section has temporary exhibitions. The exhibition space can be reserved by private individuals, schools, daycare centres, associations and other entities. For more information, see the Exhibition spaces page (in Finnish).

Events at the library for children and young adults

The library organises a wide range of events for children, young adults and families both on its own and together with partners. The library regularly hosts, for example, fairytale hours, music classes and ArcoKerava LGBTIQ youth evenings.

In addition to regular activities, the library organises film screenings, theatre and music performances, workshops and various themed events such as Harry Potter Day and Game Week. The library’s partners also host events in the library, such as library dog activities and a regular board game club and chess club.

Information about all events at the library can be found in the City of Kerava’s event calendar and on the library’s Facebook page.

  • Fairytale hours

    The library organises free fairytale hours at the Onnila house for children, young adults and families. Fairytale hours last about 30 minutes and are best suited for children over three years old.

    Music classes

    The library organises free music classes in the Satusiipi space. In the music classes, children sing and rhyme together with the parent or other adult. The classes are suitable for all ages and last about 30 minute.

    Library dog

    Do you want to read to a kind and friendly dog? Children and adults of all ages and languages are welcome to read to Kerava library’s dog Nami. The library dog is not critical or impatient and is happy about each reader.

    Nami is certified by the Finnish Kennel Club as a library dog and her handler Paula has completed the Club’s library dog course. The library dog is a professional listener who is accepting of all kinds of readers.

    One reading session lasts 15 minutes, and a total of five sessions are available in one evening. You can book one session at a time. The reading sessions take place in the Satusiipi space. The handler is also present in addition to the library dog and reader. The handler supervises the situation to ensure everything goes well.

    Read more about library dog activities on the Kennel Club’s website.

  • Welcome to Kerava’s space for LGBTIQ youth! Arco is a safe and inclusive space established to support the wellbeing of LGBTIQ youth.

    At ArcoKerava evenings, you can have fun with friends over board games, use the library’s tablet computers and take part in the monthly reading circle. The evenings for LGBTIQ youth offer opportunities for discussing and learning about gender, sexuality and various interesting topics.

    ArcoKerava is organised in cooperation with Kerava Library, Kerava youth services and Onnila.

    Read more about ArcoKerava’s activities on the youth services website.

Reading diplomas

A reading diploma is a method for inspiring people to read. The idea is to increase enthusiasm for reading and introduce readers to good books in a versatile way. There are separate lists of diplomas for readers of different ages, and there is sure to be something interesting and suitable for everyone.

During the school year, the library invites all second-graders to complete a reading diploma. At the introductory session of the reading diploma, second-graders receive reading tips and help with finding and searching for books.

The children’s and young adults’ team also compiles material packages for schools on books included in the diploma.

The library has designed a version of the Finnish National Agency for Education’s reading diploma that suits its own collection. The diploma for 1st and 2nd graders is called Tapiiri. It contains a lot of picture books as well as easy-to-read books. The Kumi-Tarzan diploma reading list for 3rd and 4th graders has also been modified to fit our collection. Check out the reading diploma by the Finnish National Agency for Education (in Finnish).

The Netlibris literature webpage has more information about the reading diploma for teachers and students. For special needs students, teachers can decide the scope of the diploma themselves. Go to the Netlibris literature webpage (in Finnish).