Arco Kerava

The goal of the ArcoKerava development project is to create a safe space that takes special needs into account and offers regular activities for LGBTIQ young people in Kerava. ArcoKerava’s young people gather on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the library’s Satusiipi from 17.00 to 20.00.

ArcoKerava is a safe and inclusive space for young people in Kerava and created to support the wellbeing of LGBTIQ youth. We want to create a cooperative space where everyone can participate in the development of a more inclusive and LGBTIQ-friendly Kerava.

Here you can:

  • have fun with friends over board games and use the library’s tablet computers
  • participate in the monthly reading circle
  • discuss and learn about gender, sexuality and various interesting topics.

Aims of the ArcoKerava project

  • Hiring a person responsible for coordinating LGBTIQ activities. The primary aim of the project is to hire a person for the position by demonstrating the need for targeted LGBTIQ youth work in Kerava.
  • To create a safe space aimed at LGBTIQ youth in Kerava for hosting regular supervised and educational activities. By providing supervised activities in a targeted and safe space, young people have the opportunity to share their experiences, receive validation and learn solutions for dealing with various difficult experiences. The group is also a space where everyone can be themselves as diversity is a fundamental aspect of the group.
  • Increasing regional and national cooperation among LGBTIQ youth.
  • To make young people aware of the scale and accessibility of LGBTIQ activities and help create networks based on individual needs. To be part of a national network developing LGBTIQ youth work.

We always have one youth worker managing the activities and a large number of volunteers who help organise ArcoKerava’s events.

Youth worker contact details can be found on the Finnish-speaking site.