Digital youth work

In addition to youth centres, youth work in Kerava also operates online and on the streets. We carry out youth work on digital platforms and social media channels, where you can also find our youth workers.


The Discord channel of Kerava youth services can be used for:

  • text or speech-based chatting
  • finding gaming friends
  • taking part in streaming activities and giving suggestions for improving our work.

Open the invite link for Discord.

A youth services employee is available on Discord on Tuesdays from 17.00 to 21.00.

Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat ja Tiktok


E-sports is the third most popular sport for young men in Finland, after ice hockey and football. There are about 81,000 e-sports enthusiasts according to statistics, in addition to which nearly every young person plays console or PC games on their free time.

Kerava understands the growth potential of e-sports, which is why the city seeks to enable young people to participate in e-sports in the future.

Elzu’s gaming room and small groups support e-sports among young people

For five years, Elzu youth centre in Savio has included a gaming room with ten gaming PCs. The PCs can be used for gaming under supervision during the centre’s opening hours. Elzu also organises small group activities three times a week for young people interested in gaming.

In addition to technical gaming skills, the groups practice, among other things, communication, teamwork and commitment to common rules. The most important thing, however, is doing things together in like-minded company. Small group activities are organised outside the opening hours of the youth centre.

In addition, we host LAN events in Elzu during the autumn and winter holidays and organise excursions for young people to attend the annual Assembly party. In all gaming activities, we emphasise the importance of sleep, nutrition and exercise as part of the hobby.