Mobile youth work

The purpose of mobile youth work is to reach young people where they spend time: on the streets, in neighbourhood sports facilities, in schoolyards and shopping centres. Young people are met in their own environment and, if necessary, directed to the services they need. Come have a chat with a youth worker!

Mobile youth work is always carried out in pairs of youth workers. Employees wear recognisable vests and travel in an easily recognisable youth services car. Mobile youth work can also be carried out outside Kerava in cooperation with other municipalities. Mobile youth work focuses on weekends, eves of public holidays and important days for young people, such as the end of the school year.

Kerbiili youth work

Kerbiili is a mobile youth centre with youth workers, games and activities, including board and card games and a PlayStation 4 console. Kerbiili uses school gyms and their equipment in its work. Kerbiili also hosts various competitions, including jenga, toothpick throwing and ping-pong ball precision throwing.

Kerbiili visits different primary schools in the afternoons from Tuesday to Thursday, and its activities are aimed at children in grades 3–6. Young people of other ages are also welcome to check out the activities.

Walkers youth work

Timetable of Walkers outreach youth work

  • Tuesday 17.00–21.00 in the summer
  • Wednesday 17.00–21.00 in the spring and summer season
  • Thursday 17.00–21.00 in the spring and summer season
  • Friday 17.00–23.00 all year round
  • Saturday 17.00–22.00 all year round

Contact details

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