Library fees

  • Adults’ collections

    • €0.50 per loan per day
    • up to €4 per loan
    • reminder fee €1

    Children’s collections

    • reminder fee €1
    • no late fees for children’s works

    Quick loans

    • €0.50 per loan per day
    • up to €4 per loan
    • late fees start to accrue the day after the due date

    Learn more about how fees are accrued.


    If the work has not been returned despite two reminder letters, the late fee is handed over to a debt collection agency. The debt collection agency charges its own collection costs for each bill.

    Loaned works for which a collection bill has been sent can be returned to the library, in which case the customer has to pay the agency’s collection costs and late fee. If necessary, you can also call to ask about late fees. You can find the phone number for debt collection on the library’s contact information page (in Finnish).

  • Books and other works available for reservation can be ordered between all Kirkes libraries free of charge.

    A fee of €1.50 is charged for uncollected reservations for both children’s and adults’ works.

    • Adult card €3
    •  Children’s card €1.50
  • Books, magazines and audiovisual works within Finland

    • €4 per loan

    Article copies

    • up to €4 per loan
    • fee charged by the sending library plus processing costs, up to €4.

    Regional reservations from Ratamo libraries

    • €2 per reservation

    Orders from abroad

    • fee charged by the sending library. The fee is more than €10 from the Nordic countries and more than €20 from the rest of Europe.

    In interlibrary loans, the reminder letter is sent immediately after the due date. The reminder fee is €1 per letter.

    • DVDs and Blu-ray discs €35 per work
    • Adults’ magazines €5 per work
    • Children’s magazines €3 per work
    • Other works: Depending on the purchase price, but no less than €10.

    A replacement fee is charged for lost or damaged works.

    Books, CDs and console games can also be replaced by bringing in the same product. The book or disc must be in good condition and of the same or newer edition as the work being replaced.

    DVDs and Blu-ray discs can only be replaced with cash.

    The library will not refund the replacement fee even if the lost work is later found.

  • You can purchase a sticker for copying or printing. The maximum credit that can be topped up on the card is €20.

    Copying and printing prices

    • A4 black and white – €0.20
    • A3 black and white – €0.40
    • A4 coloured – €0.60
    • A3 coloured – €1.20

      Doublesided copy

    • A4 black and white – €0, 40
    • A3 black and white – €0,80
    • A4 coloured – €1,20
    • A3 coloured – €2,40

    Copying or printing without a sticker

    • You can also copy and print without buying your own sticker. In this case, please contact the staff.
    • Please note that the library does not check that the copies are correct.


    • Scanning to an email or flash drive is free of charge.
    • Plastic bag €0.35 per bag
    • Library bag €6 per bag
    • CD or DVD disc €2 per disc