Borrowing, returning and reserving

  • The loan period is 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the type of material.

    The most common loan periods are:

    • 28 days: books, sheet music, CDs and audiobooks
    • 14 days: new book releases for adults, magazines,  LPs, console games, board games, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, sports equipment, objects
    • 7 days: quick loans

    One customer can have 150 works on loan from Kirkes libraries at the same time. This includes up to:

    • 30 LPs
    • 30 DVDs or Blu-ray discs
    • 15 videos
    • 10 CD-ROMs and
    • 5 console games

    Loans can be renewed in the online library, by phone, by email and in person at the library. If necessary, the library has the right to limit the number of renewals.

    Loans can be renewed up to five times. Quick loans cannot be renewed. Loans for sport equipment, musical instruments and objects cannot be renewed either.

    The loan cannot be renewed if it has been reserved or if you have €20 or more in unpaid late fees.


  • Return or renew your loans by the due date. A late fee is charged for loans returned after the due date. You can return loans during the library’s opening hours and in the self-service library. Loans can also be returned to other Kirkes libraries.

    The late fee is charged even if the loan failed to renew due to an internet outage or other technical failure.

    Reminder to return loans

    If your loan is late, the library will send you a reminder letter. A fee for sending the reminder letter is charged for both children’s and adults’ material. The fee is automatically entered in the customer’s information.

    The first reminder letter is sent two weeks after the due date. A second reminder is sent four weeks after the due date and a bill for the late fee seven weeks after the due date. A ban on new loans takes effect after the second reminder letter.

    For loans by children under the age of 15, the first reminder letter is sent to the borrower. The second reminder is sent to the parent or other guarantor. You can choose whether you want to receive reminder letters by mail or email. The method of sending the letter does not affect the late fee.

    Reminder of an approaching due date

    You can receive a free email reminder about an approaching due date. In order to receive the reminder, you may need to change your email’s spam settings.

    To receive due date reminders, you may need to change your email’s spam settings so that the address is on the safe senders list, as well as adding the address to your own contact information.

    The late fee is charged even if the due date reminder has not been received due to the customer’s email settings or outdated address information, for example.

  • You can reserve books and other works by logging in to the Kirkes online library with your library card number and PIN code. You can get a PIN code from the library by presenting your photo ID. Reservations can also be made by phone or at the library with the help of staff.

    How to make a reservation in the Kirkes online library

    • Search for the desired work in the online library.
    • Click on Varaa teos (Reserve this work) and choose which library you want to pick up the reservation from.
    • Send the reservation request.
    • You will receive a notification from the library when the work is available for pick-up.

    You can put your reservations on hold temporarily for the duration of holidays, for example. Go to the Kirkes online library.

    Reservations are free of charge for the entire Kirkes collection, but a fee of €1.50 is charged if you do not pick up your reservation. The fee for an unclaimed reservation is also charged for works from children’s and young adults’ collections.

    Through the library’s interlibrary services, works can also be ordered from other libraries in Finland or abroad. Read more about interlibrary loans.

    Self-service pick-up of reservations

    Reservations can be picked up from the reservation shelf in the press room under the customer’s personal number code. The code is sent to the customer along with the pick-up notification.

    Remember to borrow your reservation at the loan machine or at the library’s customer service desk.

    With the exception of movies and console games, reservations can be picked up and borrowed from self-service library even after closing time. During self-service hours, reservations must always be borrowed at the loan machine in the press room. Read more about the self-service library.