Self-service library

In the self-service library, you can also use the library’s press room facilities when our staff are not available. The self-service library is open in the mornings before the library opens from 6.00 and in the evenings after closing time until 22.00.
The self-service library is open from 6.00 to 22.00 also on days when the library is closed.

The self-service library has a machine for loans and returns. Reservations available for pick-up are found in the press room and can be borrowed during the opening hours of the self-service library.

In the self-service library, you can read and borrow magazines, paperbacks and new book releases and use the public computers. During self-service hours, you cannot print, copy or scan.

You can also use the digital newspaper service ePress, which has digital versions of recent issues of Finnish local and regional newspapers. The service also has major newspapers such as Helsingin Sanomat, Aamulehti, Lapin Kansa and Hufvudstadsbladet. The service has issues from the past 12 months.

How to sign in to the self-service library

The self-service library can be used by anyone who has a Kirkes library card and a PIN code.

First, show your library card to the reader next to the door. Enter your PIN code to unlock the door. Each visitor must sign in. Children accompanied by parents do not need to sign in.

Newspapers enter the mailbox on the left of the library’s side door. The first customer in the morning can pick up the magazines from the mailbox if they have not been taken inside.

Borrowing and returning in the self-service library

There is a machine for loans and returns in the press room. During self-service hours, the return machine in the library’s lobby is not in use.

Follow the instructions of the machine when returning your loans. Depending on the instructions, place the returned works either on the shelf next to the machine or in the box for reservations and deliveries to other Kirkes libraries. The customer is responsible for any non-returned works.

Technical problems and emergencies

Technical problems with computers and the loan and borrowing machine can only be repaired when staff is present.
For emergencies, the general emergency number, the security firm’s number and the city’s emergency number for issues related to the property are listed on the bulletin board.

Rules of the self-service library

  1. Each visitor must sign in. The visitor is responsible for ensuring that no other customers enter the library with their sign-in. Children accompanied by parents do not need to sign in. The library has video surveillance.
  2. It is forbidden to stay in the lobby during self-service hours.
  3. The alarm system in the press room activates as soon as the self-service library closes at 22.00. The opening hours of the self-service library must be strictly followed. The library charges a fee of €100 for unnecessary alarms caused by a customer.
  4. Do not disturb other customers in the self-service library. Alcohol and other intoxicants are prohibited in the library.
  5. Visitors who do not follow the rules may be banned from using the self-service library. All cases of vandalism and theft are reported to the police.