Land use, housing and transport cooperation

The MAL agreement on land use, housing and transport is based on a common regional development plan by 14 municipalities in the Helsinki region and the central government.

The latest MAL agreement was signed on 8 October 2020. The agreement defines the target state for the 12-year agreement term, but concrete measures laid out in the plan concern the first four-year period 2020–2023. Kerava is committed to the agreed housing production target volumes (514 homes annually) and sustainable mobility solutions. The government has agreed to allocate funds for the implementation of these solutions and goal

For Kerava, the most significant measure of the MAL agreement for 2020–2023 is the launch of the planning of the Asemakeskus complex and the government’s contribution to its construction costs. Another key measure for Kerava concerns the government’s contribution to the construction costs of the Kerava-Järvenpää regional pedestrian and cyclist route. The route will be an improvement to the transport conditions for cyclists and pedestrians and an investment in sustainable mobility.