City development

Urban planning guides the city’s development and improvement by anticipating future changes and responding to present-day needs.

City development consists of practical measures that help build better and more sustainable services and living environment. Urban planning is implemented using master and detailed plans as well as park and street plans. Kerava has a master plan that covers the entire area of the city and is used to guide the design of more detailed detailed plans. Park and street plans provide additional details to detailed plans.

In addition to these legally enforced plans, Kerava also has other urban plans in place, such as the service network plan and housing policy programme. These documents outline the city’s development priorities and future investments. These different levels of planning form a whole through which urban planning is steered in the best possible direction.

Features of a good city:

  • Available housing options for different life situations and preferences.
  • Areas of the city are distinctive, lively, comfortable and safe.
  • Services, such as schools, daycare centres and sports facilities, are available in different parts of the city.
  • Recreation areas are close by and nature is diverse.
  • Getting around is efficient and safe, regardless of the mode of transport.
  • Residents can make sustainable and environmentally conscious choices.

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