Service network planning

Kerava’s service network plan for 2021-2030 encompasses investment needs and key development projects until the end of the decade. The plan addresses all of the city’s services, and in accordance with the principle of local access to services, the placement of services is planned on a regional basis.

The goal is for Kerava to have comprehensive and high-quality local services also in the future. The themes of sustainable development, such as circular economy, the Ympäristövahti environmental monitoring system, electric vehicles, Ekotuki public awareness activities and sustainable mobility are increasingly taken into account in the organisation of services. In addition, opportunities for citizen participation are improved.

Another goal in the coming years is strongly develop the city’s digital services. Key development targets related to digitalisation include strengthening the digital skills of the residents, redesign of the city’s website and the development of a channel that residents can use for services, participation and feedback.

The development of services is customer-driven and facilitates cooperation between sectors. The planning and organisation of services is a continuous process, and planning must live with the times. For this reason, the service network plan is updated at the beginning of each year to enable it to serve as a basis for budget planning in the autumn.

The service network plan outlines a strategic framework for the city’s investments. Decisions on investments are made separately.